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RC Taxidermy strives to produce high quality work in the art of taxidermy and provide a service to our
clients that will make their hunting or fishing adventure a memorable and long lasting experience.
So why RC Taxidermy?  
Because we understand the work and expense that
goes into harvesting each trophy and we strive to
give each client the quality they deserve. We
guarantee our clients Quality Work  in every mount
and ensure that your trophy will look great by using
only the best tanneries, forms, and taxidermy
supplies in the market.

RC Taxidermy offers custom scenery mounts, full
body, half  body or shoulder mounts, wall or floor
pedestal mounts. So whether it's African, North
American, Global, Exotic, Water Fowl or Fish,
RC Taxidermy can custom design and personalize
your mount and bring it back to life.

Let us take the work out of your hunt. We provide
a pickup service within a 70 mile radius  and free
skinning and caping on all taxidermy work.
We're located at 304 E. 4th St in Del Rio, TX
and invite you to stop by our showroom, we'll be
glad to show you around and answer any
questions you may have.  

For more information about our services
You can reach us at our studio at
(830) 778-1200 or (830) 422-9071 (24 hrs)
Email: taxidermist@rctaxidermy.com

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As always,  Have a successful and joyous hunt!


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