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Welcome to  RC Taxidermy Wildlife Studio
Where Quality Matters!

Located in Del Rio, TX,  Southwestern Part of Texas in Val Verde County
Owned & Operated by Carmen Cantu-Chapman

Carmen Cantu-Chapman took over RC Taxidermy after working closely together with friends and fellow taxidermist.  Through the years Carmen has perfected her techniques and has created impressionable mounts with eye catching habitats. Carmen specializes in North American, African and Exotic Game with an emphasis on artistic design. Each individual piece created is a combination of innovative and original design concepts.

In each mount, Carmen captures the true essence of the animal in its natural living environment. She believes in using quality products in order to create a lasting and impressionable mount.

Carmen Is very involved in her community  and those who know her would say she is driven by passion for design, for art, and for wildlife. Whether it be photography, taxidermy or hydrographics Carmen strives to create and produce something special  and something unique.


Delivery time is important to us and we understand the anticipation of getting your trophy back promptly.  We strive to get your mount out in a timely manner and within a 10 month time frame.  

Our office personnel are experienced in handling domestic shipments as well as the importing of big game trophies from outside the country. If you've been successful on a guided hunt we will work closely with you and your outfitter to ensure that obtaining all necessary paperwork and documentation is handle efficiently and expeditiously. Plus we will look after making all shipping arrangements necessary  to ensure the fastest arrival of your trophies through customs and directly to your home.


Client Satisfaction is our top priority and we Guarantee we will provide you with quality, realism, creativity & service. We have 18 years of full time experience which will ensure that you can be totally be at ease and feel confident that your mount will be done with the highest quality in workmanship and materials.

We have a passion for design, art and wildlife and we believe that Taxidermy is a form of  Art and we create each mount by combining  great detail, quality materials, and the dedicated time by wildlife artist. We customize our mounts in various positions and add eye catching habitats in-order to make the mounts come to life.  Our main objective is to provide our customers with the most realistic taxidermy work available.  In order to do so we spend time studying both live animals and reference materials in order to be able to maintain a level of work that will make your mount look as natural as possible.

Please feel free to contact us at (830) 422-9071 if you have any questions or via email at

You Make The Memory...   We Make It Last Forever!

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