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The How To's for Shipping

Domestic & International shipping of your trophies is available.  In order to provide accurate shipping costs, all shipping charges are estimated once the trophy is complete. Shipping charges are based on final destination, weight and crate dimensions. 


Shipping Insurance is recommended and optional and will protect your trophy in the event of loss or damage.

When requesting shipping of your trophy crating charges will be applied and are additional to the shipping cost. Crate charges for a standard crate for a single mount is $85.00 minimum per trophy / per crate.











Over-sized crates for multiple or over-sized mounts range from $125-$200 and will be quoted prior to authorization of shipping.


Prior to your trip or shipping to us, contact us so we can give you proper instructions to insure your animal arrives safely to us. 


If you are hunting with an outfitters, we can provide you with personalized laminated shipping tags that should be attached to your hides and skulls for shipment to RC Taxidermy.


Instructions and laminated tags will aid the expediters and shippers in identifying your trophies and help them reach their final destinations. They will also help us keep your trophies properly identified when they reach us for logging into our system.


Be sure to attach laminated tags to the skull and hide. Make sure to research the company who will prep and ship your specimens back to the US.   

If sending your trophies to us, your trophies will be sent to us via Fur Dressing Express who is the commercial tannery that prepares all our hides.











We recommend using WELL as the Import Broker who will handle all paper work and clearing of customs and ensure a worry free transfer of your trophies. WELL contact via Internet at

int shipping.jpg

Please Contact us Prior Shipping Your Specimen

or Prior To Your Hunt.      Call us at 830-422-9071

When sending your trophies to be mounted, please:

1) Be sure that the items being sent are properly preserved  (Please contact us for instructions).

2) Salted hides should be wrapped in dry clean cloth and can be shipped ground. Any moisture trapped in a plastic bag may cause the hide to rot and/or the hair to slip. Green (raw) hide should be sent overnight or minimum 2 day delivery with dry ice.

3) Please enclose a letter with the following information:
Name, Address, City, Sate, Zip.  Telephone Numbers (home,work and cell).   Email Address Hunting License Number and all Permit Numbers

4) Contact us prior to shipping for preparation and the best shipping days.

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